At 4th Dimension Financial, we understand that there are often unexpected situations that require instant access to cash to resolve, which is why we offer Unsecured Lines of Credit. With this financial option, you’ll have the instant cash you need to launch your business or resolve an issue. You’ll have the flexibility to spend the money how and when you want to settle business finance issues. We specifically created this financial program to help new entrepreneurs with start-up costs and for established businesses to continue to prosper. We strive to ensure you have the working capital you need to promote a thriving business. Our Unsecured Lines of Credit program is here for you when you need it, whether you need to purchase new equipment or restock your inventory. The line of credit is ideal for those who need to pay off existing debt or want to improve their credit. In addition, the unsecured line of credit will help you maintain your business during slow times and during renovations, expansions, and relocating. You can even use the line of credit for marketing and advertising.

With 4th Dimension Financial’s Unsecured Line of Credit Program, you’ll benefit from:

  • Fast and easy application process.
  • Few requirements and little paperwork.
  • Loan decision within three business days of completed application process.
  • Higher approval rates than bank loans.
  • Easy renewal terms.
  • Financing is based from your business’s cash flow.
  • Credit and cash flow history assessment from business performance to support the approved credit line.

4th Dimension Financial offers a much simpler means to receive the funds you need when compared to other financing companies. 4th Dimension Financial is pleased to provide:

  • Quick application and approval process.
  • Affordable repayment terms and fees.
  • Improved pricing.
  • Immediate funding.

To begin relieving your business’s financial burden to help grow your business, contact 4th Dimension Financial today to learn more about the Unsecured Lines of Credit.