Fix and Flip Your Way to a Profit With Funding for Flipping Houses

The Right Loan Amount You Need for House Flipping is Within Easy Reach

Whether you’ve seen the shows on television or have actually flipped houses before, you understand that doing so can be a great way to make an even better profit. But there’s just one major problem standing in most people’s way: Securing the funding – in particular the right amount of funding – for flipping houses.

Traditional loans for flipping houses can make the process difficult and longer than it has to be. When you seek creative alternative money for flipping houses, like the solutions from 4th Dimension Financial, you can overcome these common hurdles by never having to deal with them at all.

4th Dimension’s legitimate, credible services allow you to fix and flip as many homes as you want. Our professionals are often able to increase funding levels to get applicants more money than they thought possible. The best part is that we create no pressure, no obligation situations and offer the support of a friendly, responsive team of experts.

Flipping (and funding) your house flip just got a lot easier.

Banks have tightened their restrictions on loans, but you can secure funding for flipping houses, and for the right amount, at 4th Dimension

Though the downturn in the economy years ago means banks have tightened their lending restrictions, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get loans for flipping houses. Rather, you need a creative option to fund your flips, like those offered by 4th Dimension Financial.

Whether you need a small amount or are funding a larger project, our financing options make it simple to get the capital you need, and fast! Our solutions make it simple for individuals with good credit to maximize their loan amount. The best part is that you can pay back the short-term loan with the profits from the sale of the house, allowing you to move on to your next project with ease (whether you need another loan or not!).

Join our 90% of applicants who are approved in 24 hours or less!

In just 3 steps, you can be well on your way to flipping your next home: Apply online, get pre-qualified, and get funded! The best part is that working with 4th Dimension means you’ll enjoy a number of benefits when you’re seeking loans for flipping houses:

  • Apply for free with no obligations
  • 1 hour pre-approvals
  • Get funding, fast!
  • Higher funding levels than most: Get a higher loan amount than is possible through traditional lenders
  • Provide 1 credit score for multiple product quotes
  • Enjoy the expertise of a team experienced in working with start-ups and established businesses
  • Unsecured credit lines
  • Most products require no guarantees or collateral
  • No hidden fees

Flipping homes is a quick business. Get the capital you need, and the proper amount of capital, quickly with 4th Dimension Financial!

The next time you need money for flipping houses, you need 4th Dimension

4th Dimension Financial is an established, credible, well-funded and connected financial consultancy specializing in creative lending options and unsecured lines of credit for small businesses and individuals.

4th Dimension provides timely lending of up to $150,000 for business startups, franchises, bridge loans, SBA and bank declines, and personal needs. Most applicants are approved within 24 hours, with loans funded in 2 to 3 weeks.

4th Dimension’s sophisticated approval process and funding infrastructure allows for fast pre-qualification and quick funding to solve cash flow or debt issues, fund a new venture, or even improve business or personal credit.

Get on your way NOW toward the funding for flipping houses you need by using 4th Dimension’s simple pre-qualification form.

You’ll receive a personal reply from a 4th Dimension representative quickly, usually within 24 hours. We can also help you with a variety of creative funding options including equipment loans, business acquisition loans, business financing for veterans, construction loans, legal fees or even tuition, both college and otherwise.

House flipping loans don’t need to be so complicated!

Getting the funding you want (for more than you likely thought possible) to flip houses is simple when you partner with the team at 4th Dimension Financial!

4th Dimension your business today by contacting us at 800-358-1052 or email us at [email protected] to get the process going and get the money you need for flipping houses!

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