Construction Financing

With the economy slowly recovering and construction starting to take off again, many contractors are looking to get back into the industry and start new projects. However, financing for these projects is often difficult to achieve through banks because they are still hesitant to back new development projects of any size.

4th Dimension Financing offers an alternative solution to traditional financing with our Construction Financing programs. Our programs are quicker and more efficient than traditional financing as there are no hoops to jump through and you’ll be quickly approved for the funds you need.

We are different from banks as we don’t care whether or not you have good credit, have filed for bankruptcy, have a tax lien, or a lot of deposits in your account. We will work with you no matter the size of your business no matter how long you’ve been in business. We understand that your financial stability may have taken a hit when the economy crashed and we won’t hold that against you. Instead, we are here to help you get back on your feet.

How We Can Help You

With 4th Dimension Financial, after completing a quick and simple application process, you’ll be approved quickly to receive the funding you need to use as you please for your construction projects. Our requirements are minimal and we provide easy repayment solutions.

No matter if you need supplies, land purchasing, or just more working capital to make your business blossom, 4th Dimension Financial is here to help you with your Construction Financing needs.

Why Choose 4th Dimension Financial?

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