Get Immediate Financial Support for the Right Loan Amount With Business Bridge Loans

The Support You Need for the Amount You Need Now Without the Wait

Some small businesses need financial support, of varying amounts, immediately. But with lenders taking weeks, if not longer, to make a decision on your loan application and actually provide funding, many businesses are left in the lurch.

For many, this makes business bridge loans a necessity for small business. It allows you to get the financial support you need now while you wait for other loan applications and approvals to come through. And, when you use 4th Dimension Financial as your bridge loan lenders, you can enjoy the funds you need almost immediately without the pressure, collateral, or restrictions of traditional options. More importantly, you’ll receive a business bridge loan for the right amount you need rather than settling for less than you expect through traditional lenders.

The team at 4th Dimension Financial offers an expert, friendly, responsive solution when you’re considering business bridge loans. We can often provide more than the expected amount from traditional lenders as well. Take the pressure out of the equation that’s common to traditional bridge loan lenders and get the money you need with 4th Dimension!

Keep your small business running smoothly, no matter your needs

As a short-term loan that essentially “bridges” the gap between long-term financing solutions, bridge loans offer business owners like you the working capital necessary to keep operations as smooth as they should be. You may need a bridge loan for:

  • Taxes
  • Delayed customer payments
  • Expansion
  • Hiring
  • Inventory
  • Fees from traditional lenders

Our creative financing allows us to provide more than many expect for a bridge loan from a traditional lender. This means you can secure the capital you need without having to worry.

90% of our applicants are approved in 24 hours or less, and you could be too thanks to our simple, 3-step process!

Business bridge loans don’t have to be as complicated as most lenders make them out to be. That’s why at 4th Dimension, we require only 3 steps for you to get funded: Apply online, get pre-qualified, and get funded. Most bridge loan lenders won’t make it this simple, but we’re glad to be different.

There are other ways we stand out as well. In fact, we offer:

  • No obligation, free applications
  • Pre-approvals completed in 1 hour or less
  • Fast funding
  • Higher funding levels than traditional lenders, allowing us to provide higher
    loan amounts than many qualify for through typical options
  • Multiple product quotes with only 1 credit report
  • Assistance for both start-ups and established small businesses
  • Unsecured credit lines
  • No guarantee or collateral (required with most products)
  • No hidden fees

When you want to take the hassle out of bridge loans and want to guarantee you receive the loan amount you require, 4th Dimension Financial is the way to do so.

When you need a bridge loan, 4th Dimension Financial is the respectable, well-funded resource you need

4th Dimension Financial is an established, credible, well-funded and connected financial consultancy specializing in creative lending options and unsecured lines of credit for small businesses and individuals.

4th Dimension provides timely lending of up to $150,000 for business startups, franchises, bridge loans, SBA and bank declines, and personal needs. Most applicants are approved within 24 hours, with loans funded in 2 to 3 weeks.

4th Dimension’s sophisticated approval process and funding infrastructure allows for fast pre-qualification and quick funding to solve cash flow or debt issues, fund a new venture, or even improve business or personal credit.

Get on your way NOW toward the business bridge loans you need by using 4th Dimension’s simple pre-qualification form.

You’ll receive a personal reply from a 4th Dimension representative quickly, usually within 24 hours. We can also help you with a variety of creative funding options including equipment loans, business acquisition loans, business financing for veterans, construction loans, legal fees or even college tuition (though we can help fund other tuition as well).

Your bridge loan is a quick application away at 4th Dimension!

Whether you’re between long-term loans or need capital now, the professionals at 4th Dimension Financial can help. More importantly, our creative financing means you can often qualify for bridge loans for higher amounts than you may expect.

It’s time to 4th Dimension! Contact us today at 800-358-1052 or email us at [email protected] to get started on your small business bridge loan application, today!

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