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A One-of-a-Kind Affiliate Opportunity

The Banner Partner Program offered through our strategic partner, Wealth Innovations, is unlike anything else out there today! As a Banner Partner you will receive all the benefits of every service offered by 4th Dimension Financial, Wealth Innovations, and Credit Innovations Hub while earning income!

Banner Partners participate in the revenues of the program which in turn covers all the costs of the services and puts money in your pocket. This Affiliate business plan gives you everything you need to succeed!

Wealth Innovations Recovery & Education Program

Financing is critical for any big-ticket purchase. Getting turned down for the money you need can be devastating. Wealth Innovations has created a unique Financial Repair & Financial Education Platform that’s designed to help get you approved. If you didn’t qualify for financing, the services described below are offered to you as a special finance repair solution available exclusively through Wealth Innovations and in partnership with 4th Dimension Financial and Credit Innovations Hub.

This program gives you everything you need to repair your credit, build your credit, and use your credit to enhance your ability to build wealth throughout your life. This turnkey service is perfect for everyday people who’ve been denied financing in the past and want to ensure they never experience this again!

Credit Repair & Building

Repair credit standing, lower interest rates, and start utilizing your credit as a tool. Credit Innovations Hub works with credit bureaus & creditors and challenge negative reports. We apply time-tested techniques to improve your FICO Score such as establishing tradelines for individuals & corporate entities. Our credit repair partners utilizes numerous proven methods to help build your credit profile & elevate your rating.

Credit Monitoring

Stay aware of changes & updates to your credit report through 24/7 monitoring. Credit Innovations Hub alerts you of anything that may adversely affect your credit rating including new inquiries, derogatory posts, and suspicious activity. They keep you in the loop and go to work to fix any problems, track improvements and monitor progress each month.

Identity Theft Protection

The Identity theft protection monitors the 3 credit bureaus, tracks your social security number, driver’s license number, medical records, tax returns, social media platforms and even the dark web. This program provides $1 million in identity theft insurance reimbursement. Licensed private investigators and other experts get you back to your pre-theft status, guaranteed!

Legal Protection

Get advice and legal help when you need it. Gain access to attorneys who will write letters & make phone calls on your behalf, provide contract & document prep & review, as well as pre-trial & trial representation. You’ll have access to home based business advice & assistance, IRS audit protection, and 24/7 emergency assistance. You will have the protection you need and expert legal assistance when you need it.

Personal/Corporate Financing

Our finance program shows you how to leverage personal unsecured signature loans, business cash flow loans, unsecured lines of credits, merchant cash advances, and equipment financing as well as any other financing program. We offer flexible financing and terms. Tackle even the most unique finance needs and let 4th Dimension Financial help you get approved.

Finance Coaching

Finance coaching provides individuals and small business owners with credit and financial wellness education. You will learn what you need to know about credit and financing, how to improve your credit, and the process to get you approved. This program will show you what you need to know in order to remain financially healthy and qualified for great finance opportunities in the future.

Business LLC Setup

Setting up an LLC (Limited Liability Company) to protect your personal assets is critical to any business owner. An LLC allows for “single” taxation like a sole proprietor as well as less structure, reporting, and fees than a corporation, and even more flexibility in ownership, management, and the profit distribution. We offer this assistance through our strategic partnership with Wealth Innovations.

Business and Wealth Education

Wealth Innovations offers a unique education program for entrepreneurs, small businesses, baby boomers & individuals that want to build financial stability and wealth. Through this education program clients gain the knowledge needed to properly run a business, manage their finances and utilize their credit profile to build lasting wealth.

Banner Partner Program

The Banner Partner Program is a unique & simple opportunity to restore your credit & financial profile while also earning an income. Offered exclusively through our strategic partner by Wealth Innovations, the Banner Partners receive all the services listed here while participating in our core offerings and in doing so, Banner Partners earn an ongoing monthly income. The ultimate goal is to work with these Partners to qualify them as an accredited investor within a 24 to 36 month period.

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